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The world's most technically advanced Shopify themes for SEO


  •  Algorithm Aligned
  • ​Page load speed under 1 second
  • ​Mobile first design
  • ​Built-in SEO Product Filters [AAP®]
  • ​Save $2,474 per year on SEO apps
  • ​Lifetime free support
  • ​Lifetime free theme upgrades 
  • ​Multi-purpose use
AAP® - Pioneering Technology
Our themes have been designed and engineered by award winning Agency Integrity Search [established in 2010] who own registered trademarks for AAP® Theme & Integrity Commerce®. 

They are designed to satisfy as many of Google's algorithms, quality guidelines and 200+ known ranking factor requirements as possible 'out the box' saving you thousands of dollars each year on pointless, reactive SEO apps that don't deal with the 'root' technical SEO issues with Shopify. No other theme in the world has all of these advanced SEO features.
Our built-in, ADVANCED PRODUCT FILTER Technology unleashes 1000's and 1000's of additional, OPTIMIZED Product Filter PAGES into the search engines to SUPERCHARGE your organic RANKINGS & TRAFFIC. 

This technology is not available anywhere else in the world and overcomes Shopify's biggest SEO issue of collection page duplication. An averaged sized Shopify store with 50-Collections and 6 x product filters in the sidebar will increase their organic visibility by 600% within Just 4 weeks!

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All Shopify Themes By Integrity Commerce®

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AAP® Technology

AAP stands for Algorithm Aligned Platform. Our themes have been technically aligned with Google's algorithms, quality guidelines and 200+ known ranking factors giveing you a competitive advantage in the search engines.

Mobile First Design 

Google's index is now based on how well your site is aligned and performs for mobile usage as w. Mobile-first design ensures your store will be fully responsive across all mobile desktop & tablet devices whilst ticking all the boxes for Google's latest major algorithm update.

Page Load Speed Under 1 Second

Optimised HTML5, CSS & JavaScript files for lightning fast page load speed under 1 second on all devices. Google suggests that 53% of conversions are lost if your page load speed is over 3 seconds. The faster your site loads, the more conversions you will get.

Advanced Product Filters

The only themes in the world that allow you to unleash 1000's and 1000's of additional, non- conflicting, optimized filter page URL's in the search engines without causing duplication penalties that harm your rankings.

50+ Advanced Theme Features

Over 50 advanced SEO & conversion boosting features in each theme that have been designed and engineered by award winning digital marketing experts that you get as standard saving you a minimum of $2474 per year on Apps.

Lifetime Free Support & Upgrades

Get lifetime free support and theme upgrades when you buy a theme from Integrity Commerce®. Free online documentation available 24/7 and email support - for ever.

Integration Ready
This theme is 'out of the box' ready for the most common Shopify Apps. Our themes are perfect for Shopify merchants that have multiple product filtering requirements in their collection pages.
Save $2,474 Per Year On Apps
If you were to purchase all of the built in SEO & conversion boosting features in our themes from the Shopify App Store, these would cost you a whopping $2,474 per year plus additional developer costs. REMEMBER - you can't buy our ***AAP® Technology*** or  ***Advanced Product Filters*** anywhere else!!!
Here are the most commonly asked questions that we get asked about AAP® Theme on a daily basis.
Why Are Our Themes Not in the Theme Store?
Because this 'world's first' tech is worth way more that $180 [max theme store price] and we can't offer you all of these amazing EXTRA's in the theme store.
Is There Really Lifetime FREE Upgrades & Support?
YES. Once you purchase this theme, you will be entitled to LIFETIME free email support and theme upgrades, completely free of charge, and for life!
Is Our Theme Compatible With Other Shopify Apps?
YES. We've tested the theme with the most popular apps in the theme store but we'd recommend a compatibility check before you publish your new theme.
Who Installs & Configures the AAP® Filter System?
We do. Once you have installed your normal collection page sidebar filters [up to 8 types], we will configure the AAP® Filter technology for you to ensure your filters cause ZERO collection page duplications and your filter pages are OPTIMIZED to perfection across your whole store.
Can I Change The Design of AAP® Theme?
YES. It's one of the most customizable themes on the market so you can create your own design should you wish to do so.
I'm New To Shopify & Can You Help Me?
Absolutely YES. If you purchase our theme, we can offer you an UNLIMITED Free Trial Period which will save you money. We can install your theme for you and we can configure your domain and theme settings for you completely free of charge. All you'll have to do is upload your products and images.
Are There Any Hidden Annual Costs?
Absolutely NOT. You pay once for the theme and that's it. There are NO annual bills, no subscriptions. You will only be charged a one-time-only fee.
Can Our Filter Page Tech Work in Other Themes?
NO. this unique product filter page SEO technology can only work with AAP® Theme. It is not possible to use with any other themes. 
What's The Best Way To Upgrade To AAP® Theme?
Purchase theme. Upgrade to App Compatibility Check. Upload theme to Customizer. Develop Theme. Perform App Compatibility Check. Test. Publish AAP® Theme.
How & When Do I let You Know When To Install & Configure My AAP® Filters?
Simply email us at the support email address in your membership area to let us you have set up your product page filters and we'll get straight back to you to help install and configure our unique filter page SEO technology.
Why is AAP® Theme So Cheap?
This LOW PRICE will be for a limited period only. This theme is new and we are trying to get worldwide exposure quickly.
I Need Additional Functionality Can You Help Us Develop Our Theme Further?
Yes of course. We have designed and customized themes and functionality for Furniture Stores, Printing-On-Demand Stores, Fashion, Toys & Gifts + many more and we have low cost support packages available too. 
My organic visibility increased by nearly 30% in just 8 weeks as a result of this theme. Their product filters are like no other I've seen before. My collection pages duplicates are gone, technical issues are now non existent and the SEO training that you get with this theme is just awesome. Integrity really are true experts when it comes to SEO and Shopify. Almost forgot, my organic sales are up 62% too - thank you!!

N. Carter
- Stylish Sauce - 
We thought we'd need to implement all the functionality of our current theme to the new AAP theme, but it is already built into the theme which fantastic. This will save us $1000's every year.  

We also needed some personal customization on the theme and this was no problem. They have been most helpful and quick in responses.  
I give five stars for communication

- Suokko.fi - 

I can’t fault these guys. Purchased the new AAP theme soon after launch and have been extremely satisfied ever since. Very responsive and mobile friendly theme with SEO at the core of development. I also receive great support from the team, especially Daniel, who always has a solution and helps to educate me and improve my site. Great work all around - I’m always left impressed with the theme updates and they’re a truly great team who genuinely care about what they do.

Nathan Simpson
- Stella Society -

The Next Generation of Shopify Themes

There's no other themes in the world with built-in optimized sidebar filters. These themes are not available in the theme store, they are only available through Integrity Commerce®.
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