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The Only Theme in the World with OPTIMIZED
Product Filter Pages

 - Save over $2,474 Per Year on SEO & Conversion Apps
 - Mobile First Design
 - Page Load Speed Under 1 Second
 - Unique, Built-in, OPTIMIZED Product Filter Page URL's
 - Algorithm Aligned
-  Lifetime Free Support & Theme Upgrades
Shopify Theme Coupon & PROMO CODE, $50 OFF Voucher
Shopify Theme Coupon & PROMO CODE, $50 OFF Voucher
From The Desk Of: Kristin Atkinson
MD & Owner of Integrity Search Ltd
Integrity Commerce® is a registered trademark owned by Integrity Search Ltd 
This amazing theme is the culmination of over a years worth of research and development work, over $30,000 R&D budget and over 15 years of SEO experience.

I'd like to personally thank each and everyone of my dedicated and passionate team of SEO & Shopify experts who have been on this journey and made this superb theme the world's #1 theme for SEO. 

kristin atkinson.
The Importance of Technical SEO
Google is one of the highest converting channels for e-commerce revenue. 94% of all searches in the world start with Google and 60% of those searches now start with a mobile device. Searches on Google have the highest 'intent' are are the ones most likely to convert, so a presence in the search engines is essential for driving traffic and sales.

Search Engine Optimization is a methodology or process to get every single page of your website CRAWLED, INDEXED and RANKED as high as possible in the natural, organic and 'un-paid' for search results. 

TECHNICAL SEO is the changes and tweaks that you can do to your website and the technology it’s built in to rank higher in the search engines. Technical SEO accounts for 50% of the SEO process and is the foundation of any store's ability to rank in the search engines. 

If your Shopify Theme is not technically aligned with Google and its algorithms, quality guidelines and 200+ know rankings factors as well as it could be, then your store will never be able to rank high in the search engines.

99.9% OF themes are being penalized by google
If your Shopify theme is using product filters on collection pages, one of two things are happening.


Shopify uses a built-in product ‘tagging’ system to arrange collections of products in filterable results in the sidebar such as SIZE, PRODUCT TYPE, COLOUR etc.

These ‘filter link’ URL'S are dynamically generated by the platform and aren’t accessible or editable via the Shopify CMS so 1000’s and 1000’s duplication issues occur as soon as you start adding product filters to your theme causing major keyword, metadata and content duplication issues that SERIOUSLY harm RANKINGS.

The best selling Shopify apps for product and collection page filters deal with the collection page duplicates by BLOCKING these pages from the search engines altogether with what's called a ‘canonical tag’ which simply points Google back to the root or main collection page. 

This means that every filter page URL on your site is BLOCKED excluding 1000’s 1000’s of high revenue generating pages that could be crawled, indexed and ranked in the search engines for search terms like:

There are approximately 2,400 searches for ‘dresses size 12’, each month in the US, not to mention 1000’s and 1000's of additional searches there were for sizes for 14, 16, and 18 etc. across the rest of the world.


Most theme developers don't even realize that this issue exists and don't know how to deal with duplicate collection pages that cause major duplicate penalties from Google. These duplications SERIOUSLY HARM YOUR RANKINGS & TRAFFIC!!!

Advanced SEO Features
Our theme is the only theme in the world with built-in optimized product filter pages that will rank in the search engines. It has been designed to satisfy as many of Google's algorithms, quality guidelines and 200+ known ranking factor requirements as possible 'out the box' saving you thousands of dollars a year on SEO apps and SEO services. No other theme in the world has all of these advanced SEO features.

Our ADVANCED PRODUCT FILTER Technology unleashes 1000's and 1000's of additional URL's into the search engines to SUPERCHARGE your organic RANKINGS & TRAFFIC. This technology is not available anywhere else in the world and overcomes Shopify's biggest issue of duplication.

  • ***AAP® Technology*** - AAP stands for Algorithm Aligned Platform. Our themes have been technically aligned with Google's algorithms, quality guidelines and 200+ known ranking factors. Out themes are built by award winning SEO & web design experts who have been responsible for improving the organic performance of e-commerce stores worth $100M's since 2010.
  • Mobile First Design - Google's index is now based on how well your site is aligned and performs for mobile usage as w. Mobile-first design ensures your store will be fully responsive across all mobile desktop & tablet devices whilst ticking all the boxes for Google's latest major algorithm update.
  • Page Load Speed Under 1 Second - Optimised HTML5, CSS & JavaScript files for lightning fast page load speed under 1 second on all devices. Google suggests that 53% of conversions are lost if your page load speed is over 3 seconds. The faster your site loads, the more conversions you will get. 
  • ***Advanced Product Filters*** - Add up to 8 x customisable product filters in the collection page sidebar for things like SIZE, COLOR, PRODUCT TYPE & MATERIAL etc. Our totally unique product filters allow you to unleash 1000's more optimised and non-conflicting URL’s in the search engines to drive more traffic. It's the only product filter technology in the world that generates unique URLs, meta titles, meta descriptions, h1 tags, indexable content and alt= tags ensuring fully optimised filter URLs’ with no duplications. Every other app in the Shopify app store blocks these pages from the search engines altogether significantly reducing the number of pages you have in the search engines or they cause mass Google duplication penalties which seriously harm your sites rankings! Is your theme currently using product filters? Then you're losing out either way.
  • Optimized Canonical Programming​- With our optimized canonical programming technology, we are able to eliminate any content and metadata duplication penalties across your whole site. Shopify is renowned for mass duplications - our theme fixes each and every single one of them.
  • Advanced Structured Data Mark Up - enriches your stores data and displays optimized content in the search engines for maximum exposure and click through rates including product info and reviews etc.
  • Open Graph & Twitter Card Mark Up - Ensures the right content and information about your web pages is shared across social media for maximum social exposure.
  • Banner Typography Overlays - Keyword rich text on banners that are crawlable by Google allow you to pass link equity from one page to another helping specific pages rank higher for chosen keywords.
50+ aAP® theme Features
We have worked with over 750 clients and we know what an ecommerce site needs to be succesful in the search engines. We have analysed the top 10 free, and the top 10 best selling paid themes in the Shopify store and other theme marketplaces and have compared our theme's functionality with them all. 
AAP® Technology: Theme is already aligned with Google's algorithms, quality guideline and 200+ ranking factors. 
Mobile First Design: ensures your theme is designed to perform on all mobile and desktop devicves.
Page Load Speed Under 1 Second: Optimised HTML5, CSS & JavaScript files for lightning fast page load speed under 1 second on all devices. 
Advanced Product Filters: Up to 8 x non-conflicting and optimized filter pages for surcharging your organic visibility, rankings and traffic. 
Optimized Canonical Programming: Our unique canonical programming ensures your store is completely duplicate free.
Advanced Structured Data Mark Up: enriches your sites content and displays optimized information about your web pages in the search engines.
Advanced Open Graph & Twitter Card Mark Up: Ensures the right content and information about your web pages is shared across social media for maximum social exposure.
Banner Typography Overlays: Keyword rich text on banners that are crawlable by Google allow you to pass link equity from one page to another helping specific pages rank higher for chosen keywords.
$ Developer
Brand Identity: Customize your store to reflect your brand with logo and favicon uploads. visible as bookmark icons on smartphone and tablets. 
Full Typography Options: Choose from over 100 different font types ranging from Google's font library to Shopify's own hand picked fonts. Our theme can use up to 3 fonts at any one given time. H1 - H6 tags fully customizable.. 
Spacing Presets: Customise the amount of white space between font elements by simply changing a couple of values.
$ Developer
Fully Configurable Site Colors: Match your brand identity with your site by customising a wide range of site colors.
Site Width: Switch between a full width site layout like a lot of new modern designs, or keep things contained for a classic look and feel.
Multi-tiered Header: Our theme can have up to 3 x top header sections [Top, Main & Bottom Header Sections] making it one of the most customizable themes on the market with unlimited header layout options. .
$ Developer
Social Profiles: Seamlessly promote your social channels in the top header by simply entering in your social profile URL's.
Strapline/Tagline: Promote your offers or brand message with a top header strapline. Edit font colors and weighting.  
Contact Information: Dynamically choose the contact information you wish to display in your top header and build more trust with your potential customers.  
$ Developer
Integrated Wishlist Functionality: Add a free wishlist app your store and allow customers to add products to a wishlist so they can buy them later. Icon already included so only an free app install is required.  
Customizable Main Menu Layout: Customize fonts, layouts, positioning and order fo your menu items. Choose from advanced mega menus with images with up to 4 columns or a go for a more standard dropdown sub menu.
$ Developer
Predictive Store Search: Choose from 3 different search bar styles as well as being able to customize icon position, colours and background.
Editable Store Icons: Choose from a number of different store icons for add to cart and account login/register.
Bottom Header Section: Add a possible third header section for unlimited layout and design options 
$ Developer
Multi-currency Switcher: Sell products worldwide by allowing customers to pay for goods in their own country's currency using our easy-to-use currency picker. This feature is custom built and comes part of the theme.
Transitional Featured Slider: Customisable featured slider with transitional settings and multi-choice typography overlays [good for SEO] and multiple CTA button options. 
Banner Grids: Create unlimited homepage layouts with highly customizable banner grid blocks with customisable fonts and typography settings as well as 3 styles of CTA buttons. Add transitional sliders and video content to create a unique looking, modern and current theme design.
$ Developer
Featured Products Grid: Display a list of products from any chosen or customized collection in a clean and eye catching grid layout. Choose how many products to show, and how many columns to use.
Blog Post Grids: Display your latest blog posts from an unlimited number of blogs in a grid layout.
Integrated Pop Up Banner: Grab your visitors attention with customizable popup advert or promotional banner. Configure these further by integrating with your MailChimp account and display a newsletter form.
$ Developer
Integrated Newsletter Section: Integrate with your MailChimp account without the need of the MailChimp app which has been discontinued and capture customer emails using our using flexible Newsletter signup module. Also available as a popup and comes in either a boxed horizontal banner or a boxed overlay style with customizable images.
Advanced Dynamic Instagram Feed: Integrate with your current existing Instagram account and pull through your latest Instagram images straight on to your homepage.
$ Developer
Custom Footer Menus: Display up to 4 custom footer menus spanning various columns in your site's footer. Great for adding delivery info or company information.
Collection Page SEO Content Sections: Optimise collection pages for better search engine performance by adding customizable and indexable content to help your collection page rankings.
***Advanced Product Filters***
As mentioned above; our product filter technology one one of it's kind in the world that allows you to unleash 1000's of extar optimised pages in the search engines targeting high converting search terms.
Unique Technology
Breadcrumbs: Fully customizable breadcrumb section in terms of height, colors and fonts etc.
$ Developer
Sort by Filters: Non page duplicating sort by filters including A-Z and Price - high to low etc.

Sale Sash's: Use sale sashes to grab visitors attention and promote sale prices on any products with a compare at price. Fully editable text.
$ Developer
Product Identifiers: Customizable display key product identifiers such as SKU's & Brands to help your universal product codes to get found in the search engine results pages including Google Shopping.
Product Colour Swatches: Display color swatches instead of variant names for a more appealing user experience and improving conversions. Swatches are also available for most sizes including XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL etc. Choose 1 of 2 styles, either circular or square.
Variant Swatches: Show variants as either a single drop down menu, multiple dropdown menus (If you have colors and sizes as variants), or simple swatches. Choose 1 of 2 styles either circular or square.
Size Guides: Improve your product page funnel conversions by activating a size guide link on a product page to provide your users with essential information about your products. Includes images, banners, tables and text.
$ Developer
Sale Price Display: Automatically display % off and sales prices when a compare at price is added to your products.
Customisable Product Tabs: Provide conversion boosting information about your products at a time your visitors need it. Add customizable product tabs for information such as shipping times, refunds, terms & conditions etc.
Integrated Product Reviews: Add the free Shopify Review app and have instant, integrated product reviews on your product page. Add the Stamped.io extension for this app and have a fully automated review system to help increase click through rates on your products with review starts against your products in the search engines.
Item in Stock Indicator: Activate or deactivate stock levels on your product pages to notify visitors if a product is in or our of stock. Editable text for things like 'coming soon' or 'pre-order' messages.
Customizable USP Banner Text: Use customizable product info text to help convert more visitors - low in stock - offer ends soon - hurry while stock last - last few remaining etc.
$ Developer
Related Products: Display and control the number related products with similar tags from similar collections at the bottom of eah product page to increase conversions.   
Integrated Social Sharing Icons: Allow visitors to seamless share your products with images across all of the major media platforms .  
$ Developer
Styled Blog Overview Page: Display a list of all your site's blog posts using a modern grid layout.

Styled Blog Post Page: Display a list of all your site's blog posts using a modern grid layout.

Integrated Blog Post Social Sharing Icons: Allow visitors to quickly share content on a variety of different social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Customisable Blog Sidebar: Display your best selling collections, latest blog posts, and advertisement banners in the sidebar of any blog post.

$ Developer

$ 2,474

Quick Tour
3 Additional Designs & Layouts
When you purchase this theme, you can choose from 4 designs and layouts.
Lifetime Free Support & Documentation
When you purchase a theme from us, you get instant access to our detailed online documentation and help articles to help you set up, install and customize your theme. With our STEP-by-STEP instructions; no coding or development skills are required. Even if you get stuck, we're an email away.

Lifetime Free Theme Upgrades
AAP® Technology
We'll keep the theme up to date with Google's latest algorithms, quality guidelines and 200+ known ranking factors. Unlike every other theme provider that gives support for just 6 months - every time we upgrade the themes' core, or add new features and functionality, we'll send you the latest version of your theme to UPGRADE to the latest version, completely FREE OF CHARGE for Life!

Integration Ready
This theme is 'out of the box' ready for the most common retailing and dropshipping integrations.
1 x Store Theme Licence - lifetime licence for one Shopify store.
$47 Value
AAP® Theme - files with all advanced SEO & theme features as mentioned above.
$97 Value
Product Filter Technology - installed and configured by us - site access required.
$197 Value
Lifetime FREE Email Support - access online documentation 24/7.
$297 Value
Lifetime FREE Theme Upgrades in line with Google algorithm updates. When we update the theme, we'll email you with a free theme upgrade.
$297 Value
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My organic visibility increased by nearly 30% in just 8 weeks as a result of this theme. Their product filters are like no other I've seen before. My collection pages duplicates are gone, technical issues are now non existent and the SEO training that you get with this theme is just awesome. Integrity really are true experts when it comes to SEO and Shopify. Almost forgot, my organic sales are up 62% too - thank you!!

N. Carter
- Stylish Sauce - 

We searched for fast loading Shopify theme but we found much more than we were looking for with Integrity Commerce®. It has a revolutionary new built-in product filter technology, something we did not know was possible for Shopify. There is no comparison for it. No other theme in the world comes with this technology. I instantly realized we have found our new theme and we can carry on with it for years to come.

We thought we'd need to implement all the functionality of our current theme to the new Integrity Commerce theme, but it is already built into the theme which fantastic. This will save us $1000's every year. 
We also needed some personal customization on the theme and this was no problem to Integrity Commerce, Kristin and Daniel have been most helpful and quick in responses.

I give five stars for communication and understanding our specific needs. Stay tuned, soon we launch our new site with winning tech.

- Suokko.fi - 

I can’t fault these guys. Purchased the new Integrity Commerce theme soon after launch and have been extremely satisfied ever since. Very responsive and mobile friendly theme with SEO at the core of development. I also receive great support from the team, especially Daniel, who always has a solution and helps to educate me and improve my site. Great work all around - I’m always left impressed with the theme updates and they’re a truly great team who genuinely care about what they do.

Nathan Simpson
- Stella Society - 

Save $2,474 Per Year On Apps
If you were to purchase the built in SEO & conversion boosting features and functionality in our theme from the Shopify App Store, these would cost you a whopping £2,474 per year plus additional developer costs. 

REMEMBER - you can't buy our ***AAP® Technology*** or  ***Advanced Product Filters*** anywhere else!!!
Early Adopters
Just some of the brands from all over the world that have bought this new theme to get ahead of the competition in the search engines.
AAP® Theme
There's no other theme in the world with this pioneering technology. This theme is not available in the app store, it is only available through Integrity Commerce®
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